Working From Home – Your Talent Partner shares 12 serious tips that work

Coffee and jazz

We’ve tried, and tested, failed, and re-aligned our working style over these past couple of years. We can safely say that with some experience in this area, we are ready to share what works for us at Your Talent Partner. Since we love helping others follow their dreams, the ideal creative environment (physical and mental) and the discovery of your peak timings in which you dedicate yourself for ‘high level’ work, are truly important. 

Read on, and enjoy creating some magic in your working day.

1. Set up a designated workspace in your home. Ensure it includes a plant, or flowers, a motivational book, an actual calendar and a picture that makes you smile. Smart leather stationery, the accessories you need, and you’re good to go.

2. Even though you work from home, dress up and show up for work within your designated core hours. Be ready for any online meetings.

3. Make a plan for your day/ week.

4. Start the morning with coffee, meditation/ speed learning something new/ exercise. You can do this in one hour. Carve it out of your busy day. Make it yours.  Life the way we knew it has changed back when March 2020 chimed in. It presented a major upheaval for many of us,  and as we approach the end of 2021, we are still facing this unprecedented pandemic, and perhaps onto another 3rd year. My point is? Embrace a peaceful morning’s start. When you start the day on a positive note, it is amazing what this does to empower your mind and puts other daily challenges into perspective.

5. Take short breaks, timed. Don’t forget to eat, drink, stay hydrated. Invest in a gorgeous vintage coffee machine and some serious quality beans.

6. Set boundaries about technology. We are glued to a screen and a phone for most of the working day. I have learnt how important it is to have a cut-off time for work and to also disconnect from the online world. Be present, get back to your senses. Look for nature, go back to basics. Hear the crunching of the leaves beneath your step, the waves, the wind, the birds. Be aware of all the beauty that is truly around you. Make a conscious decision to get off the tech wagon. Your soul will thank you.

7. Avoid being disturbed by endless pings throughout your workday. I check my phone when I need to and all messages and notifications are set to silent. I believe it is a must if you truly don’t want to invite constant distractions into your day. If something is urgent, let your regular contacts know that it is always best to call.

8. Productivity Flow – how to get the work done. Always prioritize, keep a time log of your work, cross off and track what you accomplished each day.  This helps you look back at your achievements and optimize your productivity.

9. Avoid dragging your day – focus on working effectively during your core working hours (where possible).

10. Stay in touch with your work colleagues, and the world – haven’t you been using messaging apps long enough? Do pick up the phone, say hello. Try old school, it’s surprisingly refreshing.

11. End your day with a plan for the next day – this includes both work projects and personal goals for the day.  Discover what gives you that sparkle, make plans, stay motivated, both professionally and personally. These energies always feed into each other.

12. Be kind to yourself. Use the commute time to do something that brings you joy. If you’re working from home you’ve just won 2 hours in your day. 1 hour before and 1 hour after, they’re yours.

 P.S. Don’t forget to invest in a cool playlist, and let that coffee jazz music softly infuse your workspace for added inspo 💙


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